A Beginner’s Guide on How to Syndicate Articles

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You have a business. And you have a web site for that business. But you lack the desired traffic. You want to get the word out about your site. For this reason, you choose to write articles that are intended for marketing. Your problem now lies on how to syndicate those articles?

Step by Step
There are many ways that you can go about in syndicating your articles. Here are only some that you can consider as your basic guide especially if you are new to the concept.

1. Good content
You have to tap on to your target market in a very vast cyber world. And how are you going to do this? By providing information in their required field, for example, you are selling mattresses, and you want to capture people in the medical industry. Your articles can go like tips to finding a good mattress after an endless shift, or how about the medical benefits of a good mattress for someone in the medical field.

Those were just samples and at top of the head thoughts. The idea here is to know your audience that want to listen to your thoughts and make sure that they get the information that they seek.

2. Usually, the articles are short, from 500 to 2000 words depending on the requirement of the article submission site. The way to do is to establish yourself as an expert in the field of interest where you will be able to tap the kind of market who will be interested in buying the products that you are offering.

The articles should not be directly promoting your products. You may get banned from the article submission sites if you do so. There is an allotted space for you to advertise your web site, and that can is found in the author’s bio. You can link that to your web site so the people who will be interested with you and what you have to offer would know where to go.

3. Decide on the article submission site Use the vast resource available on the web to know what these good sites are. Research the sites that rank highest and are in your targeted niche, then join these sites and start submitting good quality articles.
4. You can also syndicate your articles to offline mediums such as newspapers or magazines. You will be able to tap onto a larger field this way. And you can also direct those people to your website address.

5. Use RSS feeds they will distribute your articles widely suing an automatic process. Not only will you able to reach a broader audience, you will gain important back links to your website. Syndicating your articles is easier now days; you just have to settle on how you will go about it, but makes it much easier to get noticed by a much greater audience

Now that you know some of the steps on how to syndicate your articles, you can start on pounding your brain and the keyboard to create articles that are really useful in helping you achieve your goals.