The 5 Most Important tips when writing content

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Most Internet Marketers use content for: Their own web sites or for third party websites generally used to send traffic or generate links.

The following 5 tips will help you do both very effectively:

  1. Set Goals for your content
  2. Consider Keywords, but don’t overdo it
  3. Don’t believe Google’s lies
  4. Use Technology that is available to us all!
  5. Change it up to extend the reach of each piece of content

Set Goals for your content

If the article you’re working on is designed for the purpose of SEO ranking (to get it indexed, so a link within your content is counted as a backlink to your money site) your goal doesn’t warrant spending an hour or more to get it word perfect. Your content should be readable not resembling robot generated content.

However if your content is for your main money making site and you are perceived as an expert the more time and effort in getting the facts right should be invested to attain this goal.


Consider Keywords, but don’t overdo it

Each and every article on the Internet, no matter where it is being published, should be targeting keywords within a particular topic. This isn’t as important for SEO content, but for your Money site content it is a must, however consider it any way.

Determine your primary topic that your page is about research several keywords which have volume with weak to medium competition, then write your article naturally with each of your keywords atleast once. Do not stuff it full with keywords this will make it unreadable and robotic.


Don’t believe everything that Google tells you

It has been said that only super high quality engaging content will rank and this is something that Google has installed on Internet Marketers. This is simply not true.

There are literally, billions of web pages on the web and numbers of articles are increasing daily. This amount of content could not be reviewed by humans it is impossible. That means those billions of pages of content are analyzed by machines.

Machines do not have emotions and do not understand whether content is of high quality and engaging. I agree they can spot certain things that flag up as spam content. As long as the content is readable (not gabled together) then they do not have any idea whether it is engaging or of high or low quality.

Use technology that is available to you!

There is all kinds of technology out there to help you create content if you do not have the time. Article Spinners are a very good example of this. Providing you use them properly they can save you a massive amount of time and energy creating high quality content that both search engines and end users love!

Extend the reach of your articles

Changing titles and creating similar versions, can drastically extend the reach of your content, also it helps you check which article style works best or appeals to a particular audience.

Search engines have always frowned on this and installed a belief in our minds that this is wrong. But in truth distributing various versions of the same content does no harm and helps Internet Marketers promote his or her site! So why be afraid to do it.

Example of this if you write a single add how do you know how well it is working whether you have written it well or not, but if you test various adds around the same info you can see which add sells best.

If you now take action and implement these tips, I am confident that your content creation and marketing   will reach a new level.