Setting SMART Goals

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Before you start any form of business whether online or bricks or mortar you must find your direction this will be determined by Your Goals, you need to know where you are and where you want to be.                                  Direction

If for example, you want to go from London to Glasgow for an appointment you would plan your route, set out when you are going to leave when you are going to arrive, work out how long it will take, the mode of transport to use, it will mean do some research.

To achieve this you will need to set some form of goal or direction. Otherwise, you will fumble around get up in the morning jump in the car and just drive to Glasgow. Probably get lost a few times take wrong turnings and arrive late or even turn up a week early. No plan of Action.

  • Goals are quite easy when you think clearly, and if you use SMART GOALS  better still. Now, this is where things change.
  • S       specific
  • M     measurable
  • A      achievable
  • R      results
  • T      timeframe

So let us look again at our example:   Meeting in Glasgow.

You have a meeting in Glasgow.


Meeting in Glasgow on 23rd March 2021 at 10-00 am BST, leaving London at 5-30 pm on 22nd March 2021 to travel to Glasgow, which is 411.8miles  via the M6 motorway, and take in the region of 6hours and 40 minutes. I will arrive early to book into my hotel to have a good night’s sleep ready and fresh for my 10 am appointment.

Planned and achievable.

New business what do want to achieve:

Your Goal:

I just started my business and I want going to earn a profit of £250,00 in my first year in business.

Do you think this might happen?     VERY UNLIKELY.

Now use the same method of setting a SMART GOAL in your business.

Your Smart Goal:

I’m starting my new business on the 10th of February 2021 at 9 am precisely and 12 months later at 17.00 hours on the 3rd of March 2022, I will have earned £250,00 in profit.

This is Specific, measured, achievable, with results and to a timeframe, which do you think is the most likely to give you the right result.

There is one thing I would point out though what say you only achieved £235,00 in profit does that mean you failed your Goal? you probably say yes to that as your Goal was £250,000.

But I would argue that because you set SMART GOALS you had  direction which gave you something to aim for which you did achieve maybe just a few weeks later you reached that original amount.

So in my eyes you definately reached your Goals.