Silly Question Are You Afraid Of Success?

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A lot of people laugh at me when I ask them the question are you afraid of success.

Well, it is a well-known fact that many people fail in their quest to succeed. Due to the Phenomenon “Fear of Failure” however many fail due to the unknown or rather overlooked the “Fear of Success”.

The Fear of Failure this is easy to spot there is an inability to take action or make simple decisions, in case they receive negative feedback or outcomes.
There are many tools, books out there to help you combat this fear of failure. And reprogram your mind to succeed.

Not so the Fear of Success, this is much harder to spot and very difficult to eradicate. Probably we all have this built in. The following are just some examples of the fear of Success.

* You study hard trying to implement self-improvement, using well-known techniques or tools, but life does not get easier or improve and might even get more negative.
* Except far less than you deserve or are capable of achieving.
* Start too many projects at once full of good intentions and enthusiasm then get frustrated and never finish what you started.
* You expect things to go wrong or not happen at all even though everything appears to be right.

Now, how many of the above can you identify with yourself?

There are other ways the Fear of success controls your mind. They are called the “symptoms of the fear of success”.


Putting off what needs to be done today, or not doing what needs to help you move closer to your goal. Now you are not alone everyone suffers from an inbuilt demon at some point, but successful people suffer less.
Procrastination is a killer! If you do not take action to change your life how can you expect to reach your goals? If you just take small steps each and every day, your goals will move nearer have a plan written down it gives you something to look at and focus on it help procrastination. If you take action no matter how small things will move, once you develop the skill of taking action you can then refine it and take larger steps don’t sit back and do nothing. How do you expect to change?
Don’t get caught up in believing this plan is the bee and end all that is the most important thing to your material goals or the result.”Can’t see the Forest for The Trees.”

You can think or over think any plan, usually changing the path to success, try to speed up the time to reach your goals by never turning help. Your ego will try to motivate you let knowledge help you there’s possibly a quicker route, be flexible.

Things that cause Procrastination:

Is the time right, there’s never a good time. Have you ever said I’ll wait till I get some more information to implement my plan?

There is one sure way to the door of success that is to Take Action. No matter how small the steps, taking small steps is better than taking no steps at all. Even if these actions take you on a different course, you will gain knowledge both on things that do or do not work. Remember the well-known saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, don’t be into much of a hurry.

Do not try to be a perfectionist everything can always be done better, smarter, quicker.

Many musicians hate listening to their own music they find they want to improve them even though they have great success with them. Bridge over troubled water by Paul Simon fantastic hit hauntingly beautiful, but Paul said he felt it was not good enough!

If you are one of these people, it is pointless to change overnight, only seeing problems, this can be used to your advantage. It will focus you look at the problem make a plan to change it and make it better.

When you overcome the problem congratulate yourself, this is like rewarding your staff when they do well. If you are the type, who keeps seeing problems remind you how easy it was to solve the last problem.

Ask yourself “how quickly can I solve this problem” the quality of your questions are important each problem must be solved if you have difficulties build some contingency plan in case it happens again. Be prepared.

Follow the above, eventually the Fear of Success will disappear, and your personal development moved forth towards your goals.